All Summer classes are currently closed. Fall classes will open mid August on our new website and registration platform! Join us at our Town Hall meeting on August 12th to learn more about ArtStream’s fall season.


ArtStream, Inc.

11th of March 2020

ArtStream Response to Coronavirus

March 30, 2020 At this time, we are cancelling all classes, performances and rehearsals through May 31st. We are working hard to move classes and rehearsals online! If possible, performances…

31st of January 2020

Farewell to Doreen Cronrath

Thanks to all the ArtStreamers who have been such wonderful teachers! And a special shout out to Joe Myers who never forgets to tell me, “Doreen, you look so young!” I look forward to seeing all of you at the theatre.”

10th of January 2020

Actor Spotlight: Caroline Grabow

Caroline Grabow has been with ArtStream since 2017. ArtStream (AS): What is the first activity you did with ArtStream? Caroline: I started with Super Social Saturday. My mom found out…

Actor Spotlight: Allie Welch

Allie learned about ArtStream in October 2015 when she attended a Fairfax, VA transition fair. She signed up for a Super Social Saturday workshop first, then participated in one of…

3rd of January 2020

ArtStream Celebrates 15 Years!

Join us as we celebrate our 15th anniversary in 2020! This year you will learn more about ArtStream’s history and the people who made it happen. You’ll also meet some of…

30th of October 2019

Actor Spotlight: Patrick Jones

Patrick is 28 years old. He has performed eight times with the Silver Spring Inclusive Theatre Company. He works for Sodexo and is an administrative member of the Rockville VFD.…

20th of August 2019

Actor Spotlight: Kelly DeRoy

Kelly DeRoy is a 34-year-old actor from Arlington, VA, and has been with ArtStream for nine years. She loved performing in elementary school and with the Rainbow Company when she…

13th of June 2019

Actor Spotlight: Eli Lewis

ArtStream’s Interview with Eli Lewis – Silver Spring Company A Eli has been acting for most of his life. After years with Imagination Stage, Eli started at ArtStream because he…

3rd of June 2019

Working Woman: Emilia O’Connor and ArtStream teach ‘theatre for an inclusive world’

by Alison Starling/ABC7Friday, May 24th 2019 CHEVY CHASE, Md. (ABC7) — ArtStream teaches live theatre and music to more than 1,200 students with disabilities every year, helping with self-confidence, social skills and…

3rd of May 2019

Performers, playwrights with disabilities find a home at ArtStream – The Sentinel Review

Performers, playwrights with disabilities find a home at ArtStream BARBARA TRAININ BLANK Theaters seek to reach out to underserved audiences. ArtStream, Inc., reaches out to potential actors and playwrights who…