ArtStream's Mission: Through collaborative performance and lifelong learning opportunities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills and confidence to engage with the world.

ArtStream’s classes, workshops, and performing companies fuel each student’s imagination, creativity, and focus. And that’s not all. Students improve communication and social skills and develop friendships. Newly discovered talents and capabilities improve self-esteem, poise, and confidence that extends into their daily lives.

A candid image of a group of students smiling in a class.

After participating in an ArtStream class or performing company, students perceive themselves as markedly improving in both their performance and communication abilities, making new friends, trying new things, and being comfortable working in a group.

At a Glance

30 PARTNERS offer ArtStream classes to over 550 PEOPLE WITH IDDs of all ages
4,711 VOLUNTEER HOURS completed annually
60 ORIGINAL MUSICALS created by ArtStreamers since 2007
2 men and 2 women at a formal gala.
Montgomery County Executive Ike and Catherine Leggett, with ArtStreamer Adam and former Executive Director Heller An Shapiro, at one of ArtStream’s Annual Gala and Dance Parties.

"Thank you for the joy you have brought to our daughter. ArtStream means so much to her – it gives her life purpose, gives her so much to look forward to, helps her express herself, gives her companionship, helps her continue to grow, gives her the pleasure of accomplishment – I could go on and on – ArtStream is a major part of her life."

–Parent of ArtStream actor since 2007, 45 years old

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