Success Stories

“ On Opening night in 2011, I was so scared, I was not sure I could make it. I said, “I have to call my director, John, and tell him, I can’t do this, I can’t go on.” But I was on my way, so I thought, I may as well go the rest of the way and perform. I got there and did perform, and I really did enjoy it. So, at the cast party when John asked me if I was coming back next year, I said “Yes.”

 Performing has gotten easier for me at ArtStream. It is a major part of my life and growth. When my father died, that was the year we did “The Final Showdown.” My ArtStream friends were there for me to help me deal with my father’s death.

 If someone were to ask me why they should be a part of ArtStream I would tell them it is very worthwhile, and it will help you grow. I want to take this time to thank everyone, my fellow actors, my directors and my friends for this special opportunity. ”

— Age 65, ArtStream actor 2011-2019

Seven actors on stage with arms linked and smiling at the camera.
ArtStream performance at the Kennedy Center Page-to-Stage New Play Festival.

“ I signed up for a fall music and dancing class. My family was amazed at how well I was able to learn choreography and all the words to songs from famous musicals. Up ‘til then, most of my dancing looked a lot like just hopping.
I took a comedy class and learned how to tell a joke and actually make people laugh! In fact, that’s what we did most of the time – tell jokes and laugh.  I had so much fun.
I took a directing class and had the opportunity to write, direct and design the set for my very own mini-play. Working with my hands is not easy, but I was able to make a pretty cool diorama to go along with my play.
I also tried out for Company A again, and this time I got in. That winter was one of the best winters I’ve ever had. We wrote our own play and everyone got to be a character they identified with and felt comfortable being. One of my great interests in life is dragons, and not only did I get to be a dragon in the play…it turned out ArtStream had the most beautiful dragon costume in their storage closet! Wearing that costume, becoming a dragon for our play, was a dream come true for me.
This past season I got to indulge another one of my passions, animals. By playing the part of an animal trainer in company A once again, and not just any animal, I was a chinchilla trainer. Talk about an organization that lets you indulge in your fantasies, ArtStream is definitely it.
I just love the weekly rehearsals and seeing all my old and new friends every week. I love the music we write, and the dance steps we learn. And I love tech week when we all give our last, very best push, to make our play perfect.
ArtStream has helped boost my self-confidence in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me make wonderful friends, a task I’ve never been very good at. It has allowed me to sing and dance and speak in front of an audience, knowing I won’t embarrass myself.
Best of all it has given me the confidence to offer my opinion to a group of people without fear, knowing I will be respected and appreciated no matter how fantastical my ideas might be. ”

— Age 30, ArtStream actor since 2013

ArtStream staff and actor were featured on NBC/Telemundo!