Why Theatre?

Because performance is transformative. Whether on a stage, in a classroom, on the job, or at family gatherings, we all perform roles, projecting our best - or worst - selves and becoming more of who we are, or would like to be, as we do so. What better way to discover who we are, or can be, than by trying on new roles? What better way to develop insight and empathy than by imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes? This is how we all develop and grow. Onstage, or off.

This is true for ArtStreamers, too. Whether in classes, workshops, or rehearsals, ArtStreamers play games. Theatrical games that require them to listen, to engage, to communicate, and to collaborate with each other; improvisational games that teach them how to make eye contact, think on their feet, make connections, synthesize information, and solve problems.

ArtStream’s demanding and very entertaining process encourages ArtStreamers to discover their creativity and strengths.

Visit our Perform with Us page to learn more about performing opportunities with ArtStream!

Group of actors on stage raising their arms. They are standing in front of a set of a fence with flowers and the silhouette of a person watching them is in front.

“ArtStream is a place full of love, acceptance, and happiness. It resonates with every participant, mentor, artistic staff member, parent, and family member who is involved with ArtStream. These details are particularly evident when you go to an ArtStream performance. I will always recommend ArtStream to people and hope to introduce this organization to as many people as I can.”

–ArtStream Audience Member

Whether performing in a class or onstage, ArtStreamers stand a foot taller after their performances: The magic of performing transforms students, whose poise and confidence extend into their daily lives. It also transforms the Teaching Artists and volunteer mentors who work with them, as well as audiences, by raising expectations of how much people with disabilities can achieve.

Performance is a means toward empowerment - for people with or without disabilities - as they discover and develop their true selves and engage with the world around them. That’s Why THEATRE!

“Talent is great, enjoyable and opens up the perspective of friends and family to what the actors can achieve.”

–Audience Member