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Maryland Cabaret performer Leslie Moore sings into a microphone.
Maryland Cabaret performer Leslie Moore sings into a microphone.

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Actors agree on a theme, and then each actor works with the choreographer and music director to develop solo and small group music, dance, or drama performances.



ArtStream Theatre Companies

Actors develop and perform an original musical. The company votes on a theme, creates original characters, and improvises scenes. Scenes are then scripted to become an original one-act musical to be presented before a live audience.


Classes are accessible, empowering, and engaging. Participants learn performing arts and social skills through inclusive participation. All ArtStreamers are valued for their creative contributions. At ArtStream we work together, learn from each other, and Perform Our Art Out.

A graphic with the ArtStream logo reads 2020 Performances: MD Spring Cabaret, May 3 2024 @ 7:30pm Bender JCC of Greater Washington. Gaithersburg Theatre Companies May 9-11 2024 @ 7:30, BlackRock Center for the Arts. Silver Spring Theatre Companies June 7 @ 7:30pm, June 8 & 9 @ 2:30pm. Virginia Cabaret June 10 @ 7:30pm Signature Theatre.