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Success Stories

3rd of May 2019

Performers, playwrights with disabilities find a home at ArtStream – The Sentinal Review

Performers, playwrights with disabilities find a home at ArtStream BARBARA TRAININ BLANK Theaters seek to reach out to underserved audiences. ArtStream, Inc., reaches out to potential actors and playwrights who might lack opportunities elsewhere. Founded in 2005, the nonprofit organization teaches communication and social skills through participation in the performing arts for individuals with IDDA…

25th of April 2019

Actor Spotlight: Shelley Belgard

Shelley Belgard (Phoenix Marie the Sheriff) is a 45-year-old actor from Houston, TX, but now makes her home in Rockville, MD with her husband Bill. Shelley began acting in high school and has been a member of ArtStream since its founding. Shelley’s past experiences include Imagination Stage (formerly Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts), Peter Pan,…

27th of March 2019

Inclusive Theater Troupe Brings Two Shows to Local Stage

Inclusive-theater troupe brings two shows to local stage by SCOTT McCAFFREY, Sun Gazette Newspapers A family painting – loved by some, reviled by others – goes missing in a British manor house. To crack the case, some bumptious police investigators are brought in, while the servants (under suspicion themselves) pool their meager savings to hire…

17th of October 2018

“Inclusive arts group’s success spans both sides of Potomac River” – Gala Review

The ArtStream Eighth Annual Gala was a huge success! You can read more about the evening at insidenova.com.

4th of June 2018

“C’mon Get Happy” in CultureSpot MC

ArtStream’s Summer Cabaret Happy Again: Songs, Dreams, and Rainbows was featured in the local arts blog CultureSpot MC. Thanks to ArtStream actor Ana Bradley and Cabaret Director Pamela Leighton-Bilik for being profiled in this article and thanks to author Chris Slattery for spreading the word about ArtStream! C’MON GET HAPPY! ArtStream’s Spring Cabaret Showcases the Talent and Perseverance of…

20th of December 2017

A poem by ArtStreamer Nadia

This beautiful poem was written by ArtStreamer Nadia with artwork by Sughra Hussainy and Sushmita Mazumdar. Thanks to them for sharing. Acting is Shakespeare Climbing a mountain Amazing feeling Fascinating Giving up is never the answer Believing Nervous Being on stage — Miraculous Nadia, 2017 Please include ArtStream in your year-end and holiday giving. You…

19th of December 2017

ArtStream’s Year in Photos 2017

Thank you for making our year awesome! If you were one of the 44 new ArtStreamers we met this year, Thank You! If you are one of our 114 volunteers — onstage, backstage, and in the classroom — Thank You! If you volunteered to help us mail over 6,400 letters to friends around the country,…

14th of December 2017

Kathleen’s Top Seven

A guest blog submitted by ArtStream actor Kathleen. My top seven reasons to be a part of ArtStream: We are the Stars of the World. We are Amazing people to be who we want be in the world — in every day life! We have friends and families who are there with you every step…

A Letter from Board Chairman Franklin Myers

Dear Friends, Are you ready to try something completely new? Something that’s never been done before? Step out of your routine? Perform solo? This year, seven ArtStreamers took a giant step into the unknown and auditioned for the very first ArtStream Cabaret.  With courage, confidence and joy, each person shared a skill they are proud…

3rd of November 2017

Guest Blog – Random Acts of Kindness with ArtStreamer Alyson

My name is Alyson. I did Social Club through ArtStream with Nicolette Stearns. She is a wonderful instructor who has taught me many social skills that I have learned. One of the homework assignments we were given at social club was to write down and do seven random acts of kindness. The random act of…