Student Spotlight: Meet Kerry O’Brien

We are thrilled to have ArtStreamer Kerry O’Brien in the student spotlight! She is an actor born in Bethesda, Maryland. After living in California, Massachusetts, Italy, and for 20 years in Annandale, Virginia, she now resides in Fairfax City, Virginia. Kerry started acting at Annandale High School and has been part of ArtStream’s Company A since 2009. She’s been in over 13 shows with ArtStream. Kerry loves her job at Cameron’s Coffee and Chocolates in Fairfax, singing, dancing, acting, and sports. 

We talked with Kerry to learn more about her acting experience and why she loves ArtStream!

How long have you been a part of ArtStream?

14 years!

How did you first hear about ArtStream?

A friend invited me to a show when I was in high school. I loved it and started taking classes the next year. ArtStream was my first time on stage.

Which ArtStream activities do you like best?

For me, it’s definitely the theatre. I can’t wait to be on stage again. I like being in front of an audience. We create different kinds of characters.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned in an ArtStream class?

I’ve learned how to improv. It is important to use your brain. It can be really hard, but you have to use your imagination. We learn to respect each other and to take direction.

How does ArtStream make you feel?

It gives me confidence.

Which show were you most recently a part of?

I was in a show about an underwater circus called The Greatest Show Under the Sea. Our directors helped us come up with the theme. My character was a sea witch.

How do you come up with your characters?

We have to be really creative.

What would you tell someone who is thinking of joining ArtStream?

You will love it. It is fun. You make a lot of friends and have more confidence. It takes a while to process, but it’s fun. I’ve got a lot of friends in theatre.