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“Must Love Music” and WXYZ in the Arlington Sun-Gazette

ArtStream’s Arlington ArtStream Theatre Company productions were featured in the Arlington Sun-Gazette and the Fairfax Sun-Gazette.

“WXYZ-TV is a place even more wacky than your typical big-city TV newsroom.

“One of the co-anchors has been missing in action for days. The stormchasers are always five steps behind Mother Nature. The two sports guys constantly bet on the outcome of games while on the air. And the weathercaster – Sunny Raines – always seems to provide a wildly inaccurate forecast.

“(Well, that last one does seem like some local TV newsrooms. But we digress.)”

Thanks to Scott McCaffrey for coming to the shows and spreading the word about ArtStream!

“[The show] is a reminder that ‘good’ is more than skin deep, and that happily-ever-after can be for everyone if you open your heart.”
– Carolyn Ricks, Director Must Love Music

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