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“Writing and performing are the music driving ArtStream production”

ArtStreamers Kirsten Davidson and Madeleine Barry were profiled in The Montgomery Sentinel. They talk about their show The Miraculous Tales of Stonehaven.

“Writing and performing are the music driving ArtStream production”

By Barbara Trainin Blank

Madeleine Barry is directing at ArtStream for the first time with “Stonehaven,” a fairytale-inspired musical.

Most gratifying for her is “getting to know everyone so well and becoming part of their lives, and vice versa. By writing the play together, we find out what the actors want for their lives,”

They also have been “wonderful” in guiding her about how “things were done in the past,” Barry said. She credits music director Diane Zhou for helping to helm the show successfully.

In “Stonehaven,” three children who love fairy tales and playing together go to sleep – and wake up in a fairy-tale kingdom.

“But it’s nothing like they had read about,” Barry said. “They have problems there they had never encountered before.”

Every actor in an ArtStream production gets to select the name of his or her character. Kirsten Davidson chose “Stephanie” for the mechanized woman she plays – loosely based on the Tin Man in “The Wizard of Oz.”.

Davidson has been acting with the theater for more than a decade. In addition, she has a federal government job and exercises regularly.

“I like ArtStream a lot,” she said. “I like acting, dancing, and just being in the shows.”

She also appreciates, Davidson added, all the friends she has made, who enrich her life.

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