ArtStream was featured on the Truman Charities Podcast!

We are thrilled to share that ArtStream’s Executive Director Heller An Shapiro was featured as a guest on the Truman Charities Podcast! Check out what they had to say about ArtStream:

“If you have a child with intellectual and developmental disabilities, you’ve probably experienced, or will experience, the service cliff. That’s when a young person transitions into adulthood and loses access to the programs offered to them as a child.

ArtStream is one organization that addresses this gap of services, providing people with disabilities an opportunity to improve their communication and social skills through performance.

Joining Truman Charities host Jamie Truman on this episode to discuss is Executive Director of ArtStream, Heller An Shapiro. She shares how the program helps even the most introverted young adults thrive, what ArtStream classes are like (there’s 850 of them!), and success stories of their students.

Plus, Heller has all the info on their upcoming shows at the Silver Spring Black Box Theater starting June 9th.

Listen to this episode to learn more about these shows, ways you can tune in from home, and how you can get involved!”

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