People on zoom holding up "I love ArtStream" signs with the text "ArtSteam Poetry Jam" overlaid

ArtStream Poetry Jam

ArtStream’s weekly Super Social Saturday classes focused on Poetry during the month of January. Participants read poetry by famous poets, discussed poetry structure, and put movements to spoken word and rap. They even collaborated to create their own class poems! Here are two compositions written by Poetry Jam participants. Learn more about ArtStream’s Super Social Saturday’s by visiting our Take A Class page!

Written by ArtStream Super Social Saturday on January 9, 2021

next to the water ocean moving
in Miami

with animals making noises
in Miami

with food like hot dogs
in Miami

Cute, fuzzy
licking my face
in Miami

Girls and boys
having fun
in Miami

Written by ArtStream Super Social Saturday on January 16, 2021

ArtStream is fun
ArtStream is super
ArtStream is super fantastic
ArtStream is safe
Have fun with friends.

Memorize your lines,
Stuck in the house watching movies,
Eating good food,
Walking with Dad is fun,
Getting your hair braided.

Missing your friends,
ArtStream is amazing!
I miss you all.
I miss my friends.
I have fun and I hope I will see you