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Actor Spotlight: Marti

ArtStream interviewed ArtStream participant, Marti to discuss what she loves about ArtStream classes. Marti shares her experience of virtual and in-person classes and tells us some of the most important things she’s learned from ArtStream.

ArtStream (AS): Things are very different right now. What is it like to be doing ArtStream from home? 

Marti: I like ArtStream both ways (in person and online) 


AS: What activities do you like best at ArtStream? 

Marti: I did Musical Theatre (class). I love it! We sing and we dance in a group. I meet new people at ArtStream. 


AS: How did you hear about ArtStream? 

Marti: My mom told me about ArtStream. 


AS: How did you get started at ArtStream? 

Marti: I went to a social group and it was fun. I met my cheerleading friends, and they belong to ArtStream and I wanted to go as well. 


AS: What is your favorite part of ArtStream? 

Marti: I like singing the most, but I also like dancing. I love to sing Moana’s song. 


AS: I like Moana’s song, too. 

Marti: We have something in common! 


AS: How does ArtStream make you feel? 

Marti: ArtStream makes me excited to see friends. I like the friends there. It is good to sing and dance and I can be brave. I love acting and performing. I have been doing it since high school. I also like performing with my friends. 


AS: What would you tell some who isn’t sure if s/he will like ArtStream? 

Marti: ArtStream is fun and you should try it if you like to be in theatre. It’s important.  


AS: What are the most important things you learned? 

Marti: The most important things I learned are musical theatre, social group, acting and performing. 


AS: What do you enjoy most about acting with ArtStream? 

Marti: My favorite part is musical theatre, especially singing Over the Rainbow. I have no trouble singing at all. I like performing my favorite characters. My singing voice is my vocal chords and my alto chords. It makes me happy to sing. 


AS: How would you describe ArtStream to someone who has never heard of it? 

Marti: With my ArtStream friends we do group things. It’s all about performing as a group. ArtStream is fun, you should try it, because it makes me feel happy. It makes me excited. I like the friends there. I like Positively Speaking, it is fun. Because it is important to learnI like practicing my speaking as a group.