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Arlington Inclusive in Local Press

We’re thrilled to have the Arlington Inclusive Companies featured in The Arlington Connection and Inside NOVA (The Arlington Sun-Gazette)

“ArtStream Performances Return”
Ashley Clare Simpson
The Arlington Connection, March 26 – April 1, 2014

“[The Legend of Blarnia] is about fairies, dragons and trolls,” said [ArtStream actor] Kelly DeRoy, who added that she has made great friends through the program. “And the best part is being on stage.”

“I thought ArtStream would just contribute to her development, but in actuality, it contributes to how other people see her,” [ArtStream parent] Paula DeRoy said. “They see that she is a person who can really stay on task, can follow role, and she can focus. So what we’ve noticed is after people see her in a show, they are more likely to engage with her.”

[ArtStream Executive Director and Director of The Vegas Way, Patricia] Woolsey said, “One of the other things that is really important to our mission is that we challenge our audience members about what people with disabilities are capable of doing. [Seeing an Inclusive Theatre Performance] is sometimes the first meaningful experience that people have with individuals with disabilities.”

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“ArtStream Theatre Company Showcases Talents Onstage”
Scott McCaffrey
Inside NOVA (The Arlington Sun-Gazette), April 1, 2014

“We have many new faces this year, but we’ve come together as a theatrical family,” said Patricia Woolsey, who directed the “Vegas” production. “This has been such a fun journey for us.”

“It’s always exciting when actors bring their own style to the table,” said John Newman, director of “Blarnia.”

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