Actor Spotlight Kelly Deroy

Actor Spotlight: Kelly DeRoy

Kelly DeRoy is a 34-year-old actor from Arlington, VA, and has been with ArtStream for nine years. She loved performing in elementary school and with the Rainbow Company when she was younger. Kelly works at the Fairfax Government Employee Day Care Center. She loves going out with her friends at L’Arche and traveling with her parents. Her hobbies include bowling, softball, and working on the computer.

ArtStream (AS): Kelly, welcome to the blog. What got you interested in theatre? 

Kelly: “When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be onstage.  My dad even built me a little three-step stage.  But in middle and high school I was not allowed to be in chorus or drama.  But then I got out of high school and went to an Art Stream performance and I saw a place where I could perform on stage.”  

AS: How many ArtStream shows have you been in? 

I have been in nine shows. Among the characters I have played are a witch, a queen, a cat and a country singer. 

AS: That’s a lot of different characters! How do you decide what you will be? 

Kelly: “We develop the characters, the script and the music at rehearsals.  It is a lot of hard work. 

Kelly as one of Medusa’s snakes in the Arlington ArtStream Theatre Company production of “Medusa’s Mystical Journey or Snakes on a Brain”

AS: Is it hard to memorize your lines? 

Kelly: When I get the final script, I practice the entire play every day.  By opening night, I know all of the lines to the play. 

AS: What else do you like about ArtStream? 

Kelly:  I have met a lot of new people.  I love it when people bring me flowers after the show.  Please support ArtStream.  Come and see a show! 

AS: Hello Kelly’s Mom, what do you like about ArtStream? 

Kelly’s mom: “I am so proud of Kelly. For me it is very emotional to see her so articulate and confident.  Kelly persevered in spite of low expectations from “experts.”  Finding ArtStream gave Kelly the training and opportunities that are allowing her to thrive. And, just as important, other people can now appreciate her talents. Thanks for giving her these opportunities. 

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