Actor Spotlight Eli Lewis

Actor Spotlight: Eli Lewis

ArtStream’s Interview with Eli Lewis – Silver Spring Company A

Eli has been acting for most of his life. After years with Imagination Stage, Eli started at ArtStream because he knew many of the founders through the Down Syndrome Network of Montgomery County. His life dream is to become a director.

ArtStream: What is your favorite part of ArtStream?

Eli Lewis: I like ArtStream a lot. I really like coming up with and creating new characters. I love the other actors. They are good friends. We do things together.

AS: What kind of things do you do with your friends?

EL: We like going to the movies.

AS: Your roommate, Steve, is also an ArtStreamer. What do you and Steve like to do?

EL: We play basketball and we like to go hang out at the mall. We love going to ArtStream and acting.

AS: What are you doing in ArtStream right now?

EL: We are working on creating our characters. That’s my favorite part. We are also picking a name for the show.

AS: Is it hard to pick a name when there are so many people involved?

EL: No. Doing this in a large group makes it easy. Things are always harder by yourself.

Mary Ann Dawedeit (Eli’s Mom)

Eli got to be one of the Kings at the Kennedy Center Page to Stage show, and that was super special, and a lifelong dream of his. Eli was impressed because he knew Connor through work but since Connor couldn’t make it, he called Eli. And that, as a 27-year-old man, is important. Your guy needs you! It was so cheerful to be a part of that connection. Eli wasn’t even in the company that was invited, but they called on him! How great is that? That is community. You know these kinds of things don’t happen on a day-to-day basis for a person with visible differences, so it was meaningful.

You can see Eli perform with the Silver Spring ArtStream Theatre Company on June 14-16. Visit  for tickets and more information!

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