Pierre Alexandre Bouvery

Pierre (he/him), age 27, is an aspiring poet, performer and artist who is thrilled in contributing to Artstream’s production of Are You For Reels. Pierre has been training in acting both in the U.S through programs like Imagination Stage and outside of the U.S at a young age. Pierre has a bachelor’s degree majoring in Performing Arts from the Richmond International American School of London and a MFA degree in Advance Devising and Performance from Rose Bruford College in London. Pierre started being a volunteer for ArtStream for a workshop called ‘Stories Through Movement’ in the summer of 2022 and is continuing volunteering as a mentor for this season’s show in 2023. Acting has been a quintessential part of Pierre’s experience being part of the arts and hopes to contribute and assist future performers, especially in physical theater. Previous shows include: POMAD Pielian (2021), When We Dead Awaken (2019), and ‘Club Cockatoo’ (2018). Pierre enjoys traveling, writing, scuba diving, and playing music sometimes. Pierre would like to thank his family for all the support and love they provide during this strange journey known as life and allowing him to pursue his artistic interests.