Charlie Van Kirk

This is Charlie’s first show with ArtStream. She is 23 years old and got interested in acting in high school doing musi- cals and plays and got into the tech side of theatre while studying at Knox College. She directed Jimmy’s Space Drama (Knox College, 2020), stage managed Sorry, Wrong Number (Knox College, 2019), The Last Nickel (Silver Spring Community Theatre, 2022), Shakespeare in Love (2022)
and acted in The Laramie Project (Knox College, 2019), Almost Neverland (Knox College, 2018), Top Girls (Knox College, 2017) When she isn’t or stage managing, she’s enjoy playing DND or embroidering while listening to one of the many podcasts they follow. When she’s not stage managing for ArtStream, Charlie teaches at imagination stage, works as a standardized patient at GWU, and works in audience services at STC. “Thank you to my friends and family who came to see the show.”