ArtStream, Inc.


4th of June 2018

“C’mon Get Happy” in CultureSpot MC

ArtStream’s Summer Cabaret Happy Again: Songs, Dreams, and Rainbows was featured in the local arts blog CultureSpot MC. Thanks to ArtStream actor Ana Bradley and Cabaret Director Pamela Leighton-Bilik for being profiled in this article and thanks to author Chris Slattery for spreading the word about ArtStream! C’MON GET HAPPY! ArtStream’s Spring Cabaret Showcases the Talent and Perseverance of…

13th of February 2018

Cabaret Company Rehearsal

Actors follow their performance passions to create a short act that challenges their creativity and showcases their interests. The final show is performed cabaret-style and includes music, dancing, comedy, and original scenes.

11th of September 2017

Winter Wonderland

A cozy variety show featuring the 2018 Winter Cabaret Company.

18th of January 2018

Natalie Zanin and Vadim Baryshev on Washington Report

Listen to this great interview with ArtStream’s Natalie Zanin and Vadim Baryshev on “Washington Report” a public affairs show airing on CBS radio stations. They talk about ArtStream and the upcoming Cabaret Company performance. Natalie directs the company and Vadim will be performing onstage. And don’t miss the Cabaret performance: Winter Wonderland, February 12 at…