Student spotlight text with a headshot of Langston Caldwell

Student Spotlight: Langston Caldwell

We are excited to feature Langston Caldwell in the Student Spotlight! Langston joined ArtStream in 2016. At 28, he is an ArtStream Theatre Company actor and enjoys classes and Super Social Saturdays. He also loves to dance, go out to dinner, run track, travel, and watch movies with his buddies.

We chatted with him to learn more about his experience at ArtStream and how it feels to be onstage.

ArtStream (AS): What’s it been like doing ArtStream at home?

Langston: It’s been difficult, but I feel like I’ve handled it pretty well. When we all did our show online, I thought we pretty much handled ourselves pretty good and we put on a good show as always. We had a great script and great characters. It wasn’t onstage this year, but we put on our happy faces as always.

I can’t wait to actually see everyone in person when the time is right.

AS: How did you get started at ArtStream?

Langston: My friend Tyler got me into it. He is an ArtStream actor. After going to most of his shows and seeing all the characters he played, then it came into my head that I felt like I just had to do it too. And before you know it, I was in ArtStream. I was able to get into auditions and I got in, and I was up on stage and playing my character. I tried it and I could do it.

AS: What activities do you like to do at ArtStream?

Langston: I like doing classes and acting, I can’t decide which one I like the most. I go every night to every class and it doesn’t matter which one and I just love performing.

AS: How do you create your character for the ArtStream Theatre Company shows?

Langston: For “A Tempest Tale,” my character came into my head one day – how fun would it be to have a character who has powers and is a prince? And it worked out for me. I was a wizard prince. People thought it was a pretty good idea and I am very glad I thought of it.

I watched the video of “A Tempest Tale” three times already. It just gets better every time. It was the first time I did an online performance and it was still a fun experience to me.

This year, I had some ideas, one that came to mind is about trying to do something like “The Prince of Egypt” movie. It didn’t have to be exactly like that, but kind of similar to it… And we did “Once Upon a Time in Egypt.”

AS: What would you tell someone who isn’t sure if they will like ArtStream?

Langston: I would tell them that at ArtStream you’ll make a lot of good friends there and there will be a lot of fun activities that will definitely interest you. Even though it is your first time you will definitely find it a very fun experience.

Even if you haven’t done it before, if you put your mind to it, if you try it, you will see that this is something that will really stick with you, and you’ll have lots of fun activities and a lot of fun events, and make a lot of friends.

ArtStream is one of the fun things that I feel people should keep an eye out for and see what ArtStream is and come out and see what it looks like and eventually you will say “Hmm, this looks interesting, I feel like I should probably get into that.”

AS: Do you get nervous on stage?

In middle school I did chorus, and at first I was kind of nervous about it, and then I was up there and put on a show that I felt I could easily do and I enjoyed it right away.

At ArtStream, it wasn’t hard – just look ahead and put on a brave face. And my friends I work with were there in the audience and they saw me and they were really impressed. And they said they enjoyed seeing what we did.

AS: What have you learned at ArtStream?

Langston: One of the things I learned is that once you get on stage for the first time, you get to learn not to be afraid, and even if it’s your first time at something, you get to learn to conquer that fear. I feel like I made it.

AS: What do you like best about acting with ArtStream?

Langston: There is no choosing what’s best – I just love doing it, getting up and seeing what the ArtStream Theatre Company Directors have in store for us and get on it right away and start rehearsing. As long as we have something that we have fun doing, I’m ready.

AS: Have you made new friends at ArtStream?

Langston: Yes! That’s all that matters to me. Being with my friends and doing it together. Every time we come into the rehearsal room we are happy to see each other. We used to hang out and go see movies on the weekends, and get emails from people we know inviting us to do things. This year we couldn’t do that but we have to wait to see what this year brings and get on the open road again.

We’re still talking with each other every day or every morning to see how we are holding up and we’re helping each other. It’s good to have friends.

I have a lot of friends at ArtStream. Even though I am not in Tyler’s ArtStream Theatre Company, I’m glad that he is still in ArtStream and we’re both having fun doing it and everybody’s happy where they are. I have friends wherever I go in ArtStream now.

Chris and I made the ArtStream Connection video and it was really good to see him and I’m glad he is doing great. It makes me feel good inside seeing everyone with smiles on their faces. We were happy to come together this year, even though it is not in person, as long as we are all able to be together.

Hopefully next year things will be better, and we’ll actually come together on stage like one big family again.

AS: What are you looking forward to at ArtStream?

Langston: I am super excited for our next audition, I’m still trying to come up with our names and what this character does and what our personality is and what our qualities are.

AS: What does ArtStream mean to you?

Langston: After the show ends, I just come out proud of what we did, and we walk out of the theatre with smiles on our faces and we can’t wait to do it again. The hardest part is the last day when we have to say good bye until we get to come back in. It’s sad but we have to wait until we can come back together again.

I’m waiting for my job to get back to me about when I can come back in. Eventually they will open back up again, we just have to give them time. We will eventually come back to the outside world. I’m glad that you (ArtStream) are still here. I’m just glad I will be a part of it.