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“Inclusive-theater troupe gives audiences reason to cheer”

Thanks to Scott McCaffrey with The Arlington Connection for writing this great article about the Arlington ArtStream Theatre Company productions: Out of Monet and A Stacked Deck!


“Inclusive-theater troupe gives audiences reason to cheer”
Scott McCaffrey, Apr. 11, 2017, The Arlington Connection/Inside NOVA

“It’s fun,” [actor, Jill] Arnott said of the experience. “I like the costumes, I like to make new friends.”

“I’m a rookie this year. I really enjoyed it, especially the improvisation [during development],” said Lockie McKinna, who served as a mentor in “A Stacked Deck.”

“When we come together to collaborate and design a show, we are making art that transcends ourselves and connects each person our story touches. That’s why I love ArtStream,” said Carolyn Ricks, who directed “Out of Monet.”

[Xandra] Martel said the shows build camaraderie and allow participants to enhance their skills and confidence. She composed a poem for the talk-back session, ending with the line:  “There’s a place for each of us to have a full life.”

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