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“The company is like my third family!”

ArtStream actor Merry was interviewed about her role in A Stacked Deck.

Here are some highlights from the interview.

Who is your character?

I’m Madison Bonjour, a famous actress. I’m a diva.

How has her acting career been going?

I am, like, a fading star because I am getting older.

And, why does she want to go on the celebrity cruise?

She is going to have plastic surgery.

Once Madison gets on the cruise, she sees that Nick Charles is there. What does Madison think about that?

She is really, really shocked.

Who is Nick Charles?

He used to be my husband. I didn’t know he was on the boat. And now he’s got a new girlfriend?

Let’s talk about how you came up with this play. Do you remember whose idea it was to have movie stars in the play?

That was my idea.

How does that feel to have your idea onstage?

I think it’s kind of awesome. I had a big smile.

What other ideas came together to make this show?

There’s doctors and people on a cruise. And rock stars too.

How does it feel that all these ideas came together?

I think great. The company is like my third family! And I’m really happy.

Who comes to see the shows?

My nephews are in college in Utah. They say, “We can’t wait to see you.” They see the show every year. So do my brothers and sisters, my parents, nieces, nephews, and a lot of people from my work. I even ask strangers to come.

How does it feel to meet your fans after the show?

They come up and give me hugs and kisses. I feel really happy. I think for this play my sister is bringing her baby. It’s the baby’s first time.

That’s exciting!

I know. I need to know all my lines for my fans.

What do you want to say to someone who is thinking of seeing the show?

They will love it! I keep telling people it’s singing and dancing and acting and they will love it.

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