Terrell Limerick celebrating at the SO World Games

ArtStreamer Terrell Limerick Triumphs in SO World Games

ArtStreamer Terrell Limerick is the first American to compete in Level 5 Special Olympic Sailing.

“I never thought I’d ever see something like this,” said his mother Donna Limerick, wiping away tears. “You dream. You hope. But you never really think about it. It’s amazing to see him, someone with a disability, out there in the ocean.”

Observing Terrel determinedly flip back over the 130-pound vessel and climb back in it, several veteran sailors were overheard saying if it were them, they would have come in after the second time.

“He gained instant respect from every sailor on the dock that day,” a Special Olympics official said.

With the changing winds Friday making conditions rough and choppy one minute, and glassy and patchy like his home Potomac River the next, Terrel’s flexibility kept him in the hunt against his more experienced rivals.

“It’s something we can all learn from, being in the moment,” [Terrell’s brother] Joel said. “How many times do we mess ourselves up by being too much in our own heads? He’s totally unflappable.”

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