Actor in tux singing

“ArtStream gives me a voice”

Photo by Liz Demaree.

When “Big Jon” takes the stage with ArtStream’s ArtStream Theatre Company, he is supported by a cast of 22 actors. Among them are his brother-in-law, Danny, and his nephew, JP.

“Big Jon” has played many different characters in his time with ArtStream. He was a tough mobster in The Vegas Way. He was a lazy Sheriff in A Tale of Two Zip Codes. And, he was Ken, Barbie’s sweetheart, in Idle Playthings.

Offstage, “Big Jon” and his family work hard to memorize their lines and choreography for the show. This is especially tough for Danny, who never stepped on stage before ArtStream. JP, a high school student, says that ArtStream rehearsals are the best part of his week.

Meghan, Big Jon’s sister, praises ArtStream for giving her family a new way to connect.

Since joining ArtStream, our family’s emotional bonds are stronger, our communication is more effective, and we are better able to express our feelings to one another.

For his part, Big Jon is proud to have a home on stage with ArtStream.

ArtStream gives me a place to express myself with my friends and my family. It gives me a voice.

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