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ABC’s of disability planning: Interview with Heller An Shapiro

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Featured on: ABC’s of Disability Planning
Interviewer: Eric Jorgensen
Posted: May 10, 2021 / 7:00 AM EST

I was super excited to interview Heller An Shapiro and share the amazing work ArtStream is doing. Especially now that they have gone virtual and can literally work with anyone around the world! For those who are not familiar, here is ArtStream’s Mission. “Through collaborative performance and lifelong learning opportunities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills and confidence to engage with the world.

Heller An wanted to ensure I let people know scholarships are available for all of ArtStream’s programs. There is research proving the value of connection. The work ArtStream is doing really does change lives. The friendships created are authentic.

I’m not sure this video does justice for the impact ArtStream can have on adults with disabilities or the broader communities. There is NO doubt in my mind ArtStream is shattering preconceived notions of what people with disabilities can, and cannot due. I hope you will join me in supporting them.