ArtStream welcomes adult and teen volunteers (ages 13+; rising 9th grade) for both one-time and ongoing opportunities in drama and social skills classes, Inclusive Theatre Companies, special events and at the ArtStream office. All volunteers must complete the volunteer application, meet the minimum age requirement, and be willing to donate at least 10 hours of service to ArtStream. Volunteers are eligible for SSL hours and will receive training. Please email volunteers@art-stream.org with any questions.

How to Get Started:

  1. Complete the volunteer application online
  2. ArtStream will contact you to discuss your application.
    • Please check your spam folder if you do not receive an email in your inbox
  3. Review orientation materials before attending your first assignment.


“The experiences I had not only brightened my day every rehearsal, but also made me think harder about the way I approach challenges, solve problems, and interact with others. In short, I believe my time with ArtStream has made me a better human.” — Eliza Malakoff, Inclusive Theatre Company Volunteer Mentor

Volunteer Application

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