Mission and Strategic Plan

Mission and Strategic Plan


Through collaborative performance and lifelong learning opportunities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills and confidence to engage with the world. 


We believe that when people make their own choices and are engaged, stimulated, challenged and inspired, they surpass both their own and others’ expectations. 


To build an inclusive world where everyone can perform their art out. 

Strategic Plan Priorities FY20-22 

Priority # 1 – Strengthen and Expand Existing Programs    

  • Maintain Inclusive Theater Companies, Cabaret Companies, Traveling Troupe, Classes and workshops Performance at The Kennedy Center Page-to Stage Festival 9/2/19 
  • Expand classes and workshops throughout the metro region Super Social Saturday starts in Prince George’s County 10/19 
  • Develop programs in new locations through current growth model: 1) partner classes for all ages, 2) adult classes, 3) Cabaret Company, 4) Inclusive Theatre Company 
  • Sustain and improve program quality through training and curriculum development for teaching artists 

Priority #2 – Build capacity, develop resources and strengthen resiliency by increasing/expanding: 

  • Opportunities for current and new donor engagement with ArtStream 
  • Revenue generating activities (e.g., grant applications, fundraising events) 
  • Website capabilities Updated website with improved navigation and current student information online 8/19/19 
  • The number of trained volunteers participating in programs and augmenting staff capacity New mentor training program developed 
  • Celebrate ArtStream’s 15th Anniversary in 2020  
  • Strengthen organizational best practices 

Priority #3 –Build relationships by developing targeted outreach and communications strategies to: 

  • Cultivate current and future ArtStream participants (Target high school students and adults 16-26) Free ticket flyer distributed to transition counselors and partner organizations 8/19 
  • Cultivate current and future donors and partners 
  • Build the ArtStream brand and convey impact 

Strategic Plan 2017-2019

Priority # 1 – Improving and Expanding Programs    

  • Maintain 6 Inclusive Theater Companies (ITCs) in MD and VA
  • Expand classes and workshops throughout the metro region: 21 partner organizations feature classes and workshops from St. Mary’s County, MD to Reston, VA. Summer camp at the Katherine Thomas School 6/18
  • Develop cabaret class and performance opportunity: First performance 2/12/18
  • Maintain and strengthen program quality through training and curriculum development for teaching artists: Trainings held 10/17, 1/18

Priority #2 – Community Building  

  • Develop an outreach strategy to cultivate current and future ArtStream participants
    • Target high school students and adults 18-22
    • Target potential interns and teaching artists: 41% increase in teaching artists from FY16 to FY17
    • Recruit and train program volunteers/intergenerational volunteers Registered with Montgomery County 50+ Volunteer Program
    • Develop program to include qualified people with IDD in volunteer opportunities: Accessible offices allow ArtStreamers to volunteer
  • Develop networking and sharing programs for parents/caregivers, and teaching artists: Teaching artist list serve started 7/17, teaching artist program sharing session 1/18; Parent meet and greet events started 9/17
  • Coordinate website/social media/newsletter strategy: Quarterly newsletters created

Priority #3 – Growth    

  • Strengthen and grow the ArtStream donor base: 24% increase in new donors from FY16 to FY17, average gift from all individual donors increased 93%
  • Develop foundation, government and corporate grant opportunities: Since 9/1/17, 18 grants, $160,495 received
  • Expand merchandise and increase sales (T-shirts, tote bags, notecards, books)
  • Find costume/set storage solution: Completed 8/17

Priority #4 – Strengthen our Organization   

  • Develop Board of Directors and provide pre-Board leadership opportunities: Two new board members elected 7/17
  • Strengthen staff team
  • Move to accessible office space: Completed 8/17
  • Obtain Maryland Nonprofits Standards of Excellence accreditation


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