Headshot of a smiling man in a blue shirt

Nader Khalaf is a 27-year-old actor from  Bethesda, Maryland. This is his fourth year acting in an ArtStream performance, and he has  participated in several ArtStream classes. Nader also performs as a member of the InterPlay  Inclusive Orchestra. He is a student at Montgomery College enrolled in Challenge Program  courses. He enjoys his volunteer position at Nourish Now and is actively looking for work. Nader  enjoys going to the gym and competes in swimming, soccer, basketball, and tennis with Special  Olympics. He is very sociable and enjoys talking about landscaping and politics. He spends a lot  of time with his cat, Marble; surfing the internet and on Facebook; caring for his yard; and  operating his outdoor equipment. “I enjoy acting and am so happy that I made new friends at  ArtStream. I want to thank my family for their support.”