Man surrounded by jungle set.

Matthew McMeekin is a 42-year-old actor from Bethesda,  Maryland. He started with ArtStream as Old Green Eyes in Saving the Starlight, performed at  the Arts Barn in the 2006-2007 season. He has performed in ArtStream plays at Blackrock  Center for the Arts, Rosborough Center Theatre, the Olney Theater, and Bender JCC of Greater  Washington. Matthew starts each day with a 6 a.m. swim practice (butterfly is his favorite  stroke) and then goes on Zoom for classes at Opportunities, Inc. Matthew loves all his hobbies,  which include singing, whistling, acting, swimming, listening to music, and learning foreign  languages (he speaks French, Spanish, and German fluently, and can order a meal in Chinese).  He is anxious to do all his activities in-person rather than online. “Thanks for all the support I’ve  gotten from the ArtStream directors, mentors, and fellow actors through the years.”