Headshot of a smiling woman.

Kirsten Davidson is an ArtStream actor from Rockville,  Maryland, who has been acting with ArtStream for 15 years. She has worked for the US  Consumer Product Safety Commission for 29 years. She receives residential support services  from the Jubilee Association of Maryland and employment support services from SEEC. She is  active with Jubilee, SEEC and Spirit Club activities. Kirsten served on the ArtStream Board of  Directors as Client Liaison from 2018-2019. She enjoys Zoom Sibling meetings with ArtStream  and other Zoom activities with Jubilee and SEEC. She likes listening to music, dancing,  traveling, eating out, and spending time with family and friends. “Thanks to my parents, sisters,  and ArtStream directors and mentors for all their support. I LOVE ArtStream!”