Headshot of a woman

Kirsten is an ArtStream actor with Gaithersburg ArtStream Theatre Company B. She has worked for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for 25 years and loves her job. She is currently the treasurer of the Client Council of the Jubilee Association, an agency which provides residential support to people with developmental disabilities.
Kirsten’s first experience at public speaking was as a  teenager and a member of the Montgomery Exceptional Leaders (MELS) when she visited elementary schools and spoke to the students about disability issues. She became involved in theatre as a child as a member of the Bethesda Academy for the Performing Arts (BAPA), and later as an actor at Imagination Stage in their therapeutics section.  She became involved in ArtStream at its inception and has performed in Company B for many years.
In addition to acting, Kirsten takes classes at Spirit Club and participates in activities in the Montgomery County Recreation Department’s  Weekenders Club.
Kirsten lives in Rockville with a housemate and receives support from the Jubilee Association of Maryland.