Headshot of a woman.

Irene Stephens is a healthcare data analyst and public health advocate residing in Washington, DC. She completed a Master of Public Health degree from Morgan State University and earned her bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. Born in New Orleans, Irene was raised in the Chicago suburbs and attended public schools. She volunteered on numerous political campaigns during her preteen to undergraduate years but decided to pursue a career in public health based on a passion for health education.

Over the past ten years, Irene has worked for organizations dedicated to health equity and transformation across socioeconomic strata. She has published and presented research related to public health performance improvement, and actively participated in several advocacy meetings on Capitol Hill. Her recent experience in hospital administration has influenced a shift to root causes of population health issues. When she is not attending the latest policy discussion or networking event, Irene is likely enjoying the city’s best food, music venue, or cultural experience.