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20th of November 2008

Sally Kinka and Adam McCrensky on Studio 501(c)(3)

Look for ArtStreamers Sally Kinka and Adam McCrensky on the Access Montgomery show Studio 501(c)(3) in November. Watch the full interview here! Courtesy My Montgomery Media

15th of October 2008

The Washington Times Brainstorms with the Arlington Inclusive Company

The Washington Times stopped by an early, brainstorming rehearsal with the Arlington Inclusive Theatre Company for their article “Acting for Expression.” “Acting makes me realize anything is possible.” – Actor Casey Hammeke

1st of September 2008

“Emilia O’Connor – Opening Doors On Stage” in Bethesda Magazine

Check out this article on co-founder and artist Emilia O’Connor in the September 2008 issue of Bethesda Magazine! “Emilia O’Connor Opening Doors On Stage” “When you’re a parent, you’re always trying to correct [the children], so you’re tending to see what needs fixing,” says Rosemary Miller of Silver Spring, whose daughter Lynn Miller, 31 was also in the…

28th of August 2008

Gaithersburg Inclusive on WUSA

The Gaithersburg Inclusive Theatre Company’s 2008 productions The Curious Quest and Fast Times at Woolsey High Breakfast Club: A High School Mystery were mentioned in WUSA’s 9NEWS NOW. ArtStream Shows “I’ve gained a lot of confidence since I first got on stage,” says [inclusive actor] Anne Bates.

8th of August 2008

Profiles TV Show Profiles ArtStreamers

ArtStreamers Patricia Woolsey and Sarah Miller appeared on the TV show Profiles which aired August 2008 on Fairfax Local TV! Watch the full episode below! Courtesy

3rd of July 2008

Sun-Gazette at Arlington Inclusive’s “No Way Chalet”

Read the Sun Gazette’s review of Trouble at the No-Way Chalet. “Inclusive Theatre Troupe Takes On Farce” “It’s a scene that TV’s Basil Fawlty would find all too familiar: a run-down hotel where the only question is whether the staff is more nutty than the guests…OK, the guests probably win out on that count.”

30th of May 2007

Recent Press – Silver Spring Inclusive

The Silver Spring Inclusive Theatre Company’s production of Lost in a Dream: Observations by a Fox appeared in the Style section of The Washington Post. The Washington Post, “Decamping DC” Audiences for ArtStream shows tend to be family and friends of the actors, but even then, says [Co-Founder Patricia] Woolsey, “I think it challenges the expectations the…