Submit your idea for the t-shirt design contest

ArtStream, Inc.

Submissions and voting are closed. Thank you for your creativity!

Do you love cool t-shirts? So do we!

We want this year’s ArtStream tshirt to be your new favorite shirt to wear. So, we are holding a tshirt design contest!

Designs should be submitted by THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018.

What are we looking for?

Something fun and original that relates to ArtStream. We want the best idea. Even if you don’t think you’re the best at drawing, you might have a really good idea. Sketch it out. Send it in. We can make it print-ready together.

This is not a contest about who is the best at drawing.

It could be a drawing of you and your friends dancing together, fancy lettering of your favorite line from this year’s play, our slogan “perform your art out”, or even emojis that represent how you feel when you’re at ArtStream. Be creative!

Think about something that would make someone stop and say, “Hey, that’s a cool shirt. What’s it from?” and you’d be able to tell them about ArtStream.

How will the design be printed?

The front of the shirt will have the ArtStream logo on the upper left corner. The back will have your design printed in ONE COLOR.

Who can submit a design?

Anyone from the ArtStream community!

What if I don’t like to draw?

There are lots of great ways to make designs on the computer. Try Microsoft Paint or any of the great tablet apps if you use an iPad.

If you want to make something that looks more graphic, try playing with the “Design Lab” at This is the company that prints our shirts. They have fonts and graphics available.  (Just don’t place an order. We’ll take care of that.)

Please don’t use copy-written artwork, especially if you are designing on a computer. We are going to sell these shirts and could get in trouble if we are selling copy-written designs.

When are designs due?

Thursday, February 15, 2018 (earlier is better if you want help making it print-ready)

How will the winner be chosen?

The ArtStream team will choose five finalists. Then our Facebook followers will vote for the winner. (If you’re on Facebook, make sure you follow ArtStream.)

What does the winner get?

Your design will be made into the official ArtStream tshirt for 2018! We’ll shout out to you on Facebook, the website, Inclusive Theatre Company playbills, and at the merchandise table.

What if my design is a finalist, but doesn’t win?

ArtStream may ask to use your design for another project. Maybe it would make a great greeting card. Maybe it would be a fun poster.

I’m still not sure if I should submit my idea.

Check out the finalists from last year. Each of these ideas was submitted, then transformed into a one-color t-shirt design by ArtStream.

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