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“She’s dramatic! I’m a dramatic character.”

ArtStream actor Rachel was interviewed about her role in Lasagnawood.

Here are some highlights from the interview.

What’s the name of your play?

Lasagnawood. The title is called Lasagnawood.

So it’s about making a movie in Hollywood?

There are two different parts. People are in, like, different scenes from Hollywood and Italy. Some of the characters have funny names like Gaston and Benedict Cucumber.

How are we introduced to your character?

That scene is my favorite part of the play! In the beginning part she’s in LA. She goes into the coffee shop and she needs something for her throat.

Is she sick?

No, she’s just a voiceover artist. Her name is Bear Spirit Angel.

What happens at the coffee shop?

She meets this famous movie director and the animal wrangler who trains a chinchilla for the movie.

The animal wrangler brings the chinchilla to the coffee shop?

Yeah, then I say my favorite line, “You can’t bring an animal into a restaurant. I know because I brought a bear into Spago and they made me leave.” And the coffee shop manager thinks my character has lost her mind because of the heat.

Do you think Bear Spirit Angel has lost her mind?

She dramatic! I’m a dramatic character.

How is she dramatic?

Like, over the top! I have all these funny lines. I like to do jokes and stuff like that.

Do you ever have trouble remembering your lines?

No…well, not usually. Sometimes I remember my line, but not the cue for when to say my line.

How do you work on your lines?

Sometimes I’ll say them out loud at home. Sometimes I’ll say it in the mirror. Sometimes I’ll practice with my friend, she thinks it’s hilarious.

Does Bear Spirit Angel get to be in the movie?

Yeah. She goes to Italy to be in the movie. The director teaches her some Italian words.

Like what?

Cannoli…Lasagna…Rigatoni…bear in Italian is Bruno. At the end, when all the other actors are singing and dancing, a bear comes out and raps with Bear Spirit Angel. And then the chinchilla gets a bear friend.

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