Salute to ArtStream

Salute to ArtStream

On Friday evening, June 19 from 6-7:15 p.m ET and Saturday evening, June 20 from 6-7:30 p.m. ET, Inclusive Theatre Company actors will shared online performances, interviews, and sneak previews of the 2021 shows.

Visit our YouTube channel to view the Salute to ArtStream performances.

A special thanks to all who donated as of June 18th, 2020
Sandy Adina
Mary Alderson Quinn
Eleanor Allen
Vivian Alonso
Barbara Alving
Jack R. Anderson Fdtn
Sally Anderson
Holly Andruscavage
Jessica Baker
Claudia Barnes
Susan Barrett
Umit Basoglu
Ray Battistelli
Ben Glantz and Family
Judith Birch
The Blevins Family
John Bogasky
Pamela Brooks
The Brown Family
Elise Calanni
Langston Caldwell
Jill Casillas
Anne Cherry
Kristen Chou
Sally Cohen
Ginny Colten-Bradley
The Cooper Family
Debra Copeland
Doreen Cronrath
David Lightfoot and
Betty Tuller
Mary Ann Dawedeit
Karen Deans
The DeRoy Family
Annetta Dexter Sawyer Kathleen Digilio
Bob Donahue
Karen Donahue Mary Donahue
Debbie Elgot
Ann Ellis
The Chevat Family
The Famme Family
John and Juli Feissner
Mary Fitzpatrick and
Marty Sullivan
Vanice Famme
Adrian Forsythe
John Gaffney
Lisa Gaffney
Linda Gerson
Scott Gerson
Ronen Gilat
David Godoy
Bruce Grabow
Janice Greening
Laurie Gross
Joanne Hamilton
Laura Hamilton
CJ and Tricia Han
Elisabeth Han
Peter Han
Jennifer Holden
Sari Hornstein
Susan Howard
The Huizinga Family
Sharon Hume
The Hunsinger Family
Ann Ingram
Chitra Jayachandran
Donald and Barbara Jones
Jeanne Jones
Todd Kauffman
Wendy Kauffman
Phyllis Kay
Edward Kelly
Dennis Keyser
Mary Keyser
Peter Kimm
Chuck Kipp
Loraine Kitchelt
Elizabeth Kraft
Nick Kramp
Patricia Krauss
Susan Krempasky
Wendy Lanxner
Michael Lautenberger
Karen Leggett
Michael Levins
Patricia Levins
Patsie Libby
Eric Lightfoot
Donna Limerick
Kathleen Lipke
Mary Lodge
Robert and Beth Lumina Erich Martel
Vrunda Mathur
John McCormick
Faith McLuckie
Bebe McMeekin
Dillon Midson Rebecca Monteleone
Susan Muldowney
Mary Murphy
Frank, Molly and
Jane Myers
Joe Myers
Kerry O’Brien Jennifer O’Connell Michaela Onel
Susan O’Shaughnessy Adrienne Pacheco
The Pagonis Family Lynn Pennington Anne Pierce
Alejandro Portillo-
Carolyn Post
Mary Quattlebaum James Quilty Julie Reddig
Cassie Rennie
Mark Ricche
Patricia Ritter
Cecilia Rogers
Ricki Sabia
Jean Sammon
Pauline Shorter
Miriam Stein
Irene Stephens
Susan Stockdale
The Sudbrink Family
Cheryl Takemoto
Stuart Tart
The Tepper Family
Kay and Tom Tiernan Van Tran
Jim and Carol Trawick Fdtn
Natalie Valentine
James Valis
Penny Veerhoff Mitchell Veno Jean Walker-Wiley Julie Wiatt
Kaitlyn Wiley
Patti Woolsey
Mary Yeh

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