ArtStream's Mission


Through collaborative performance and lifelong learning opportunities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills and confidence to engage with the world. 


We believe that when people make their own choices and are engaged, stimulated, challenged, and inspired they surpass both their own and others’ expectations.


To build an inclusive world where everyone can perform their art out.



We value individuals for who they are. We give everyone a chance to participate equally, creating a safe space where all participants feel seen and heard. ArtStream programs are accessible and welcoming.


We foster a culture of collaboration where decisions are made by building consensus. With consideration and fairness, we create a flexible structure where participants are empowered to reach their full potential.

Community & Belonging

We are a community where each individual is equally recognized as a valuable member.

Respect & Dignity

We value each person’s creativity and ideas so all can participate and be respected members of the community. We assume our work represents the best quality and expertise and recognize and value everyone’s contributions and needs.


We engage in confidence-building and empowerment activities to be our authentic selves and express our ideas, free of judgment. ArtStreamers gain new communication skills to try new things and to advocate for themselves and their ideas in and out of the classroom.


We communicate in a reliable, responsive, honest way with a commitment to quality and integrity. We allow ourselves and others the freedom to take risks, acknowledge and learn from mistakes. We build shared trust to solve problems, support solutions, and work harmoniously together.

Our Media Kit

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"ArtStream has helped boost my self-confidence in ways I never thought possible. It has helped me make wonderful friends, a task I’ve never been very good at. It has allowed me to sing and dance and speak in front of an audience, knowing I won’t embarrass myself."

-ArtStream actor since 2013