Katherine Mraz, Outreach Coordinator, in a polka dot dress posed by a tree

Meet Katherine Mraz, ArtStream’s new outreach coordinator!

We are thrilled to welcome KatherineKatie” Mraz, our new Outreach Coordinator for Student and Volunteer Engagement starting March 2, 2022. Katie replaces Marilyn Brown.  We are grateful for Marilyn’s commitment to ArtStream and wish her all the best as she completes her coursework and clinical experiences to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Katie will be helping us reach out to new families, assist all families with scholarships and class registration, and recruit and orient volunteer mentors. 

Katie’s most recent positions were as Family Support Specialist for the Neighborhood Place of Puna and Education Coordinator at Nemours Child Development Center. She also served as Program Coordinator at the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center where she managed the volunteers. She continues to expand her skills as a student in Ball State University’s Teachers College where she is pursuing a master’s degree in Educational Psychology (designed to be completed while working full time). 

Katie is experienced in collaborating with community leaders, supporting families, and helping students find the “best fit” class or performing company. She has been a direct support professional for people with autism and mental health needs and tutors her brother who has an auditory processing disorder. 

Katie has a BA in Human Factors and Applied Cognition from George Mason University and will graduate from Ball State University with a Master’s in Educational Psychology. 

After 3/2/22 you will be able to reach her at 301-830-5887 or 

We asked Katie a few questions to get to know her better. 

What gets you out of bed every morning?

My family is my motivation to get out of bed every morning. I want to be able to help provide the best life that I can for them and give them all that they deserve and more.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I am a true night owl; I have the most energy after 6 pm. It can be rough getting up early, but it’s nothing a big cup of coffee can’t fix!

What energizes you at work?

I would say that being able to help others brings me the most energy at work. I love to be able to assist my coworkers, peers, or anyone I can.

What is your proudest career moment and why?

My proudest career moment would be when I was able to adapt the curriculum of a preschool classroom to meet the needs of a student with physical and mental disabilities. It was very rewarding to see that child thrive in the classroom and to see how grateful the parents were that I put in the time and the effort to help their child.

Who has influenced you the most when it comes to how you approach your work?

My mom has been my main influence on the way I approach my work. Growing up I saw her organizational skills, her patience, and her tolerance all of which I aspire to exude in my own work.

Which aspects of ArtStream excite you the most?

After talking to the staff, I’ve learned and seen firsthand the amazing community that ArtStream has. I’m so excited for the opportunity to join this community and get to know everyone.

What is your favorite play or musical?

My favorite play is The Lion King. I am a huge Disney fan and was so excited when I got to see this play in person.