A young woman wearing a pink dress and a white briday veil stretches her arms wide and sings. An eclectic crowd of actors is behind her.

Kathleen’s Top Seven

A guest blog submitted by ArtStream actor Kathleen.

My top seven reasons to be a part of ArtStream:

  1. We are the Stars of the World.
  2. We are Amazing people to be who we want be in the world — in every day life!
  3. We have friends and families who are there with you every step of the way.
  4. ArtStream is a part of us. We are a family who has each others’ backs and is very supportive of each other.
  5. You’ve got to be creative and imagine where your journey is going to take you
  6. You have to have fun in your life because without having fun it’s going to be very boring for you. Find a character and shout it out and and say, “I’m an actor and I want to share it with everyone I care about. I’m a great person with a big heart and I can be who I want to be because I’m worth it.”
  7. We all have an Imagination where we can create and be a singer or dancer — even our favorite TV or movie star character! When we act, we know what the character is thinking and saying. We grow everyday by being a hard worker and staying positive and saying positive things about ourselves and believing and having faith in ourselves. You will always be a firework on the Stage of ArtStream. That’s what you can be to everyone.

So come out and join us as an ArtStream family who will always be there for you and guide you to the path of the right direction! We all say, “I’m here for you and we will help you do your best.” You can do anything, just never give up no matter what, just go for it.


Please include ArtStream in your year-end and holiday giving. You make it possible for ArtStreamers to dream big.


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