Artsteamers in masks and costumes on stage

Inclusive-theater company scores with in-person, online duo

The reviews are in!

The Greatest Show Under the Sea and Pandora’s Labyrinth are a hit!

Photography by Lizzy Demaree

We extend our gratitude to theatre critic Scott McCaffrey from the Sun Gazette for writing a stellar review. Below is a snippet from his review.

“Having been shut out of 2020 productions due to COVID and pushed into an all-online format for its 2021 rebound, the organization’s Northern Virginia troupes returned to the local stage last week with a hybrid offering: One show live and, after intermission, the other shown on film.

And it worked out just fine, judging by the audience’s reaction to the Saturday-matinee performance held at Synetic Theater’s performance space in Crystal City.

ArtStream works with those 18 and older with intellectual challenges, aided by theater professionals and community mentors, to develop, create and deliver original programming. The Northern Virginia troupe performs annually in the springtime.

This year brought two endeavors:

• “The Greatest Show Under the Sea” follows a young ocean creature who, despite her mother’s disapproval, aspires to join a circus that is performing on a coral reef, overcoming challenges and making friends along the way. It is being presented live.

• “Pandora’s Labyrinth” looks at three high-school girls who find themselves bored learning about Greek mythology in their ancient-history class, only to find it suddenly springing to life with themselves in starring roles. It was filmed earlier, edited (including some spiffy special effects) by Robert Lodge – who also did the 2020-21 online shows– and screened for audiences. ”

Read the full review on the Sun Gazette’s website here.

Photography by Lizzy Demaree