group of individuals on a zoom call holding signs that say we love artstream

Inclusive theater company moves performances online

ArtStream, a Silver Spring-based inclusive theater company, decided to create an all virtual season to ensure that their actors would still be able to perform.

The theater company would usually hold their performances in Northern Virginia. However, due to COVID-19, they have decided to move all of their productions online. They had their first virtual performance back in June, and decided to make the entire 2021 season virtual.

ArtStream helps serve actors with developmental disabilities an being able to still participate in theater virtually helps students develop social skills and create bonds with other actors.

However, transitioning a play to online isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Rye Ellis, co-director for ArtStream’s Inclusive Theater Company, said that not being able to interact in person is a challenge.

“It was really challenging being able to find a way to adapt the script because it’s just such a different environment, not being able to act beside each other,” said Ellis. “Everything online is very intimate, and it’s something that I’ve never experienced before as an actor.