A group of eight friends of mixed abilities pose for a group photos. They are dressed casually and stand in front of a light background with colorful paintings on it.

Guest Blog – Random Acts of Kindness with ArtStreamer Alyson

My name is Alyson. I did Social Club through ArtStream with Nicolette Stearns. She is a wonderful instructor who has taught me many social skills that I have learned.

One of the homework assignments we were given at social club was to write down and do seven random acts of kindness. The random act of kindness I did was my friend had gotten ill. I took over a get well card and a cooling band that you wear around your neck to make her feel better. She absolutely loved the cooling band and the card and thought that was so sweet of me to think of her.

At Social Club, we did a video to encourage people to take the random act of kindness challenge. If everyone in this world would stop and think about doing one random act of kindness a day it would truly make the world a better place.

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