Terrell Limerick and Nicolette Sterns headshot

Connecting Our Community

We’re so proud to have Terrel and Nicolette spreading the word about ArtStream!

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“[Nicolette] helped me to do my art better. I took that – which she helped me with – and put it up on the stage. I did that for a couple of years and I found out that the spotlight loves me!”
– Terrell Limerick

“The confidence that you get from stepping out onstage, the courage that it takes to be a performer, I absolutely think that those kinds of skills transfer into everyday life.”
– Nicolette Stearns

“We always say at ArtStream, ‘We’ll meet you where you are.’ You come to us and we’ll figure it out and find a path for you.”
– Nicolette Stearns

We are grateful to the whole team at MC Media.

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