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Success Stories

7th of February 2017

“ArtStream gives me a voice”

When “Big Jon” takes the stage with ArtStream’s Inclusive Theatre Company, he is supported by a cast of 22 actors. Among them are his brother-in-law, Danny, and his nephew, JP. “Big Jon” has played many different characters in his time with ArtStream. He was a tough mobster in The Vegas Way. He was a lazy…

2nd of September 2016

The rewards of volunteering are priceless

In a guest post, ArtStreamer Pam Young reflects on her time as volunteer mentor three years down the road, and how it led her to pursue a graduate degree in Theatre and Drama Therapy. ArtStream is the reason I have the career that I do now. It is the reason I want to help people…

14th of June 2016

The challenge was putting everyone’s ideas together.

We interviewed first-time actress Katy Donahue from the 2016 Inclusive Theatre Company production Parks & Inspiration. Here are some highlights from the interview: This is your first ArtStream musical, but have you ever been in a play before? No, actually, I have not. But I have seen a lot of plays. So what made you…

9th of December 2015

Defining “Wellness” in Social Club

“What does wellness mean to you?” When I asked our Arlington Social Club members, some of them said it was maintaining hygiene and health. Others took “wellness” a different way to mean feeling whole – like you belong. This is when our quick weekly check-in turned into something more. One by one, club members talked…

Everyone’s voices get heard

In a guest post, ArtStream parent, Teri Kachur reflects on her daughter joining an Inclusive Theatre Company The Inclusive Theatre Company is truly an inclusive opportunity. Not only is my daughter Julia making friends, but they are also creating something together. And it’s not a matter of, “Let’s do Aladdin or Peter Pan,” it’s, “Let’s…

20th of November 2015

A Letter from Adrian Forsythe

Dear Friends, I am writing to you this holiday season as a member of the ArtStream Board of Directors. That’s right – a guy with Down syndrome is on ArtStream’s Board of Directors. ArtStream sees me and my talent – my ambition. ArtStream has confidence in me, and high expectations. ArtStream takes the ‘dis’ out…

13th of October 2015

Disability Employment Awareness Month – Shaun McDonald

October is Disability Employment Awareness Month. We are celebrating by highlighting a different member of our community each week of October. Shaun McDonald What is your job and how did you get started? I am a baker at Clyde’s in Chevy Chase. Photos by Shaun McDonald I graduated from Sunflower Bakery on Ziggy Lane. My…

8th of May 2015

“Anyone can be an advocate”

In a guest post, Ricki and Steve Sabia talk about advocating on Capitol Hill. “I am Steve Sabia. I am 23 years old. I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. I go to school at the Graduate Transition Program at Montgomery College. I work at Joe’s Record Paradise and volunteer at Holy Cross Hospital.” This is…