All Summer classes are currently closed. Fall classes will open mid August on our new website and registration platform! Join us at our Town Hall meeting on August 12th to learn more about ArtStream’s fall season.

Cabaret Companies

Cabaret Companies

Auditions for the Cabaret Companies are held in the fall and winter. Each company performs once per season.

Cabaret gives everyone the opportunity to show what they can do solo, while using the ensemble as a backup. Creative and smart! We were very pleased with all of the mentors and support staff. -Parent of a Cabaret Actor

Actors agree on a theme for ensemble music and dance performances, and then each actor works with the choreographer and music director to develop solo and small group music, dance, or drama performances.

Requirements to Perform

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Participated in at least 8 weeks of ArtStream

Reserve your spot

To be placed on the audition list, call the ArtStream office at 301-565-4567

“Cabaret is different. In the Inclusive Theatre Company, it was also hard, but here it’s even harder. Because the rehearsal is more intensive, I would say. So, after rehearsal I really feel tired just like a professional actor.”
ArtStream actor since 2005

Current Cabaret Participants

Participants currently involved in a Cabaret company may click here for schedules and more information. 

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