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ArtStream’s 15th Anniversary Celebration Year Coming to an End

As we come to the end of our 15th Anniversary year, we continue to celebrate the confidence and skills our actors build through their participation in ArtStream programs! ArtStreamer Ana Bradley shares her ArtStream experience:

“I have been at ArtStream for 10 years.  I started in the Silver Spring ArtStream Theatre Company.  Now I am in Cabaret. I like the classes and Super Social Saturday. I have gained a lot of confidence about myself from performing with Art Stream.  I work really hard to learn my lines and choreography.  This takes a lot of focus.  Art Stream is a good place for me to be creative.”

Ana is a 32-year-old actor from Bethesda, MD. She has been acting with ArtStream since 2010. She also performed with Bethesda Academy of Performing Arts (now Imagination Stage), Stages St. Louis, Metropolitan Ballet Theatre, and St. Louis Ballet School. Ana works as a Library Aid at Smithsonian Libraries. She likes to read and dance.

Watch the rest of Ana’s speech and enjoy her role in the Maryland Cabaret Company’s parody of “My Favorite Things”, a musical compilation of the Cabaret Company’s favorite things to do while in quarantine.

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