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ArtStream volunteer receives community service award

ArtStream is thrilled to share that outstanding volunteer Haley Hubbard received the Knights of St. Andrew Community Service Award in the arts, education, and social services!

Haley began enthusiastically volunteering as a mentor at ArtStream in August of 2020. Part of Haley’s responsibilities included managing Zoom classrooms, supporting participants’ tech needs, and making sure they felt welcome in the online world. She supported actors directly in our Alexandria Inclusive Theatre Companies. Altogether, she impacted and improved the lives of over 75 ArtStreamers. She played an important leadership role on the directing team, in the classroom, and most importantly, with each ArtStreamer.  

Haley volunteered at our five Drive-In movie performances, cheering the actors on and praising their work. Her impact extended from the class and rehearsal room to acting, singing, and dancing in virtual productions alongside ArtStreamers to guide or cue them during the performance.  

Starting at the height of the pandemic when vaccines were still in development, Haley was a fully engaged volunteer.  She quickly became a trusted mentor and valued member of the teaching and directing teams. Haley helped ArtStreamers maintain social connections, have fun, and continue to learn and grow. She also rapidly acquired the technical skills necessary to make virtual learning a success.  

In this scene from “The Haunting at Rosecliff Manor” below, Haley plays the role of sister and cues the actors Xandra and Laurie Ann, as they discover the portraits in the house are haunted! Start at minute 28:41 to watch Haley’s scene.

Haleys Impact

One of the most important ways to boost confidence is to “meet people where they are” and accept them as equals. Haley respectfully did this. The ArtStreamers loved chatting with her because she made them feel like important people. She was positive and supportive throughout each two-hour rehearsal. 

According to the Teaching Artists and Directors who worked alongside her, Haley was always at the ready to serve as a positive role model to start an improvisation activity or encourage a new or anxious participant to join in. 

She also provided great Zoom tech support for actors and teachers. For example, when a teacher’s camera stopped working in the middle of a class, Haley immediately stepped in.  

Haley was a great supporter, not only to the actors, but also behind-the-scenes with the teaching artists and video editing staff. She was a kind and uplifting presence, always available to help troubleshoot an issue or be a sounding board for new and creative ideas. When new drafts of the script were sent out, or new rough drafts of the final movie, she was our most enthusiastic cheerleader for the acting team.  

Haley’s outstanding service as a mentor made a tremendous impact by enabling each ArtStreamer to stay socially connected and learn new skills. Haley is a true leader who went the extra mile to make sure that the difficult circumstances of the pandemic did not limit each ArtStreamer’s opportunities for fun, for being heard, and for learning to be their best self. 

Haley’s energetic and positive leadership is indeed one of ArtStream’s invaluable assets. 

About the Community Service Award

The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) sponsors a Scottish Rite Community Service Award which recognizes individuals, faculty, staff, students and community partners in the District of Columbia who provide outstanding service in their a communities in the areas of education, health, economic development, social services, the arts, or culture.