Al Richardson and Hannah Kauffman pointing

ArtStream Volunteer Hannah in the Gazette

Congratulations to ArtStream volunteer mentor Hannah Kauffman on her 900 (and counting) service hours. It’s been a please to see her grow these past few years and we know big things are in her future. Thanks to Samantha Schmieder and photographer Dan Gross for joining us at rehearsal and spreading the word about ArtStream!


“Gaithersburg ArtStream Theatre Company brings Germantown mentor back year after year”
Samantha Schmieder, Montgomery County Gazette
Thursday, April 16, 2015

“She actually comes in and makes a difference. She came here, wanted to give and she really is someone who took a lot away,” [ArtStream Co-Founder Nicolette] Stearns said. She added that Kauffman has even used her experience at ArtStream to guide her future career path and is planning on studying musical theater as well speech pathology in college.

“All my friends come see the shows. They all know the actors, they love seeing the actors, they love the actors,” Kauffman said. “And I love the actors too, for all of their quirks.”

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