ArtStream on the Mary and Melissa Show

We were so excited to join Melissa and Mark for “The Mary and Melissa Show” to talk about the 2015 Arlington Inclusive Productions!

Thanks to Inclusive Company Director Elizabeth Cronin, mentor Meghan Frederick, and actor Jonathan “Big Jon” Frederick.

Here are some highlights:

  • 8:15: What’s the best part of being an ArtStream actor?
  • 9:45: Tell us about A Tale of Two Zip Codes!
  • 10:40: How is the show developed?
  • 11:40: Elizabeth, tell us about your experience with ArtStream.
  • 13:00: Meghan’s teaser for A Tale of Two Zip Codes!
    • “Kiss wifi goodbye and say hello to the cows…your milk’s not pasturized out here.”
  • 13:28: The production quality will blow you away
  • 14:40: ArtStream shows can be modified so that everyone fully participates
  • 17:45: How is it for your parents with you being an actor?
  • 18:48: How do you get along with your fellow actors?
    • “The actors are each others biggest fans and biggest supporters”
  • 19:32: Tell me about the mentors
    • “Sometimes, even when you know your lines and you’re all memorized, having that confidence and knowing, ‘In case I forget my line So-and-so is gonna back me up.'”
  • 20:54: Big Jon, do your friends treat you differently now that you’re a performer?
    • Meghan: “Do you sign autographs now?”
    • Big Jon: “Not yet.”
  • 20:24: What are inclusive companies?

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