Two ArtStreamers sit while being interviewed by a woman

ArtStream on Connecting Our Community

ArtStreamers Nicolette Stearns and RJ Martin join host Karyn Allen on Connecting Our Community. They talk about living independentally, Inclusive Theatre, self-esteem, and the magic of the arts!

“The arts don’t discriminate. There’s a way in for every single person that walks through the ArtStream door…So if you don’t have language, then dancing may be a way that you express yourself. Every single person can express themselves at ArtStream. It’s our job to find that way in, and to really create that sense of balance.”

– Nicolette Stearns

ArtStream starts at 14:19, but watch from the beginning to learn about our friends at Transition Work Group from ArtStreamer Nadia Abourmaya and her mother Karen Leggett.

Thanks to Karyn Allen and the whole team at Montgomery Channel 21. This interview originally aired on Channel 21 on Wednesday, August 28, 2013.

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