Headshot of Sabrini Babu

Actor Spotlight: Sabrini

ArtStream interviewed ArtStream participant, Sabrini to discuss what she loves about ArtStream classes. Sabrini shares her experience of virtual and in-person classes and tells us some of the most important things she’s learned from ArtStream.

ArtStream (AS): Things are very different right now. What is it like to be doing ArtStream from home? 

Sabrini: It’s great and fun. I am doing a lot of shows. It is not hard doing it from home, but I miss seeing my friends in person. 


AS: How did you get started at ArtStream? 

Sabrini: My friends got me started at ArtStream. They said, “Try it.” I looked on the website and I liked what I saw. 


AS: What activities do you like best at ArtStream?  

SabriniWhat I like best are the classes; I am learning a lot from the Teaching ArtistsI get to see my friends at ArtStream classes. And I got to see them at the (15th Anniversary online) dance Gala! That was a lot of fun. I am a good dancer. I love to dance to all kinds of music. I also like acting. 


AS: What would you tell someone who isn’t sure if s/he will like ArtStream? 

Sabrini: To be in an ArtStream ArtStream Theatre Company, make sure you have water, make sure you have a glass of water or a bottle of water, make sure you have your props and costumes, your script, and that’s it! 


AS: What’s the most important thing you learned at ArtStream? 

SabriniArtStream taught me how to act. The mentors helped me learn how to say my lines when it was my turn. When I started the ArtStream class in the fall I was so excited to see my friends and the Teaching Artists! One of the important things I learned at ArtStream was not talking during rehearsals, because the reason why that’s so important is that because there are so many people talking.  


AS: What is your favorite part of ArtStream?  

Sabrini: I get to see my friends at ArtStream classes. I like Super Social Saturday. I also really like the roles I get to play. 


AS: How does ArtStream make you feel? 

Sabrini: It makes me feel happy and excited to be in a huge group of friends. It makes me happy and excited to be part of the ArtStream family.  


AS: What does ArtStream mean to you? 

Sabrini: What ArtStream means to me is to be active all the time, and to be listening for my name or my character’s name because that’s when I go on stage. 


AS: What do you enjoy about acting with ArtStream?  

Sabrini: I learned how to make sounds with your voice. I like doing sound effects with our voices. I became Princess Taekwondo Gnomerella by making sound effects with my voice. That made me become Princess Taekwondo Gnomerella (in Tempest Tale). For last year’s season I was so excited! I was so pumped up to do Princes Taekwondo Gnomerella! I was so happy! I wore my headset for the play. And we did the song “Bring out the Sun” and I like when we did “Bring out the Sun.” I really like showing off my skills. 


I hope to see my friends and Teaching Artists at the next auditions. I’m thinking of doing a song and a dance routine for my audition. 


AS: How would you describe ArtStream to someone who has never heard of it? 

Sabrini: I would say that ArtStream is one huge family and that’s it! I love being a part of a huge group, you can see your friends and talk to them. 


AS: Do you get nervous on stage? 

SabriniI don’t get nervous when I’m onstage. When I did “Let It Go” from Frozen for my audition, I was a bit scared, and then when I made my voice higher that was really scary. 


AS: Have you made friends at ArtStream? 

Sabrini: It’s pretty good, making new friends. Meeting new people is pretty good. I like to meet new people.  


AS: What kinds of activities do you do with your ArtStream friends? 

Sabrini: With my friends, we mainly talk about “how’s your day?” “How’s it been going?” on Zoom. We also play games, like an Animal game. If we weren’t quarantined, I would want to just hang out with my friends and be on stage. I don’t know when we’ll see each other in person, because of this coronavirus. It’s a bad one, it’s really dangerous.